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Never volunteer!

After six months devoted to marketing and promoting a brand new festival in Swellendam, which in the end only had limited success, I am officially withdrawing from helping to get the town on the map and focusing instead on getting my own business / newly formed drama group and / embryonic book into fine and […]

Why Swellendam Part 1

WHY SWELLENDAM? PART 1 One of the downsides of running a guesthouse with visitors eager to learn about life in SA is that you have the same conversations, (albeit with different people) every day. In the beginning it was fun, as we liked to ‘tell our story’, and we were so enthusiastic about our new […]

Food and Wine Pairing at Van Loveren

  At Van Loveren Wine farm you can try an elegant combination of food and wines – including charcuterie and wine, chocolate and wine, cheese and wine,  and even a children’s choice of non alcoholic grape juice and jelly tots! Impangele’s  guests from America and UK enjoyed a wonderful tasting experience on Boxing Day 2012 […]