Gap Programmes

We have been running GAP programmes through Impangele Guest House for a number of years. To read more about the programmes on offer, please use the links below.

Mini GAP Programmes  |  GAP Student Programmes

Below are a few quotes from our previous GAP students:

Gap Students from Impangele's GAP Programme


I just wanted to say thank you so much for having me. I had an amazing time and so did everyone else. I enjoyed working in the school even though it was weird because it was so different to English schools. I still can’t believe that they hit them with sticks!

It was a really good experience and staying in the cottage was so much fun. I’ve told all my friends about it and hopefully they will want to do it too.

Anna and Flo and I are saving up to come back next year and have been applying for weekend jobs. My brother Richard is planning to do his mini gap program as well.

Thank you soooooo much



Dear Dave and Amanda,

I just wanted to e-mail you both to say thanks a lot for having me in South Africa, I had a really good time. I wouldn’t worry about finding more people to go on the mini-gap because people I’ve told think it sounds great. It was very well thought out and planned. I especially liked the way we could just drive somewhere spontaneously (Like Montagu). I am planning on coming back although I’m not sure when. By the way I hope we didnt cause too much trouble!

kind regards


Hello! to everyone!

Just to say am at home now and can honestly say I just want to be back in Swellendam! and the weather is rubbish here – I think it really is following us!

Basically just want to say thank you SO much for everything. I had such an incredible time. I loved every bit of the trip and like to think I’m a better person for it (although my mother would disagree.) She wants me to ask what you’ve sent back:

“It went timid, shy, self conscious and kind and its come back aggressive, ebullient, full of itself and porky! what has happened!? If I send you the other one can you do your best with it?”

Thanks again,