Mini GAP Programmes

aimed at 15 – 18 year olds
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These are designed to act as introductory programmes for students aged between 15 and 18, who work in supervised projects in the local community. For example a project has been set up with the local Primary School (Bontebok School) which takes place in April, July and August, whereby students work with the children to support their English speaking skills. The students stay in the cottage, living independently, but with support and guidance from us, David and Amanda Shackley. Amanda has thirty years of experience as a teacher in the UK and ensures that students are comfortable with their projects and gain valuable experience and insight.

How you will live

Students will live in a cottage (in the grounds of our house), which has a kitchen, living room, bathroom and two small double bedrooms. It also has its own braai (South African Barbecue) on the veranda. And you have access to the Internet and a Play-station, should you have the time or the inclination! You would be expected to live independently, cook, shop, manage your own budget, and washing etc. There are bicycles available for your use, and either Dave or Amanda will transport you in the car for any longer distances you may want to travel (for a nominal cost). You will be taken to your work placement by car, unless it is very close.

What projects you can do

Projects we can arrange for you include:

  • Helping at the soup kitchen providing breakfasts for the primary school children
  • Helping the teachers and working with the students’ English Language skills
  • Working at the local River Adventure Centre
  • Helping with the crèche in the local township
  • Working at the forestry station
  • Working at the local mountain horse trekking centre
  • Working with a local conservation project
  • Working on a local berry farm
  • Helping staff with their language skills at a local farm guesthouse
  • Training with the local rugby team / football team
  • Being involved with the local township choir

And if there is anything you have a real desire to do, we can do our best to organise something that suits your interests!