Interesting Guests 1

There are many good reasons for stopping at Impangele Guest House but the guests who stayed last night had an unusual one. Driving past they noticed our sign with our logo,  a guinea fowl feather. (Impangele is the Xhosa and Zulu word for guinea fowl). One of the group is the director of the only guinea fowl hatchery in Holland – they decided it was fate that had brought them to us and booked in straight away!

impangele feather

The Wildebeeste Goes on the Wine trail

Dave the Wildebeeste, wine connoisseur extraordinaire, has plans to visit Van Loveren Wine Estate tomorrow – he has heard a rumour that they are now open on Sundays and offering delicious burgers and pizzas. Dave the W is, of course, vegetarian, but he is more than happy to taste the wine and chill to the live music.  And, of course, pose for his photo to go on the Wine Routes page of this website……

dave red wine van loveren

Dave the Wine Connoisseur

The Fire Continues….

Spectacular pictures of the raging fire are emerging – amazing to think that such devastation can be caused by one careless act – a dropped cigarette, rumour has it.

swellendam fire

Beautiful - but deadly



heatwave, high temperatures, no rain causing mountain fireOur beautiful mountain is on fire – hardly suprising with the serious heat and lack of rain we have been experiencing.  Good luck to our fire fighters who are working hard to extinguish it – and hopefully there will not be too much damage to our wildlife.


Our New Website!

Welcome to our new Website and thanks very much to George Irwin who put it together for us. Please let us know if you find any problems with the website, or if there’s anything you think we could add! (There is still some information to go on, but hopefully this will be done very soon)