Surprises and Secrets

This is going to be a very special page when it is finally put together – all about the things that visitors will be able to tell stories about for years to come – why the Swellendam area is so very “special”.

The Faerie Sanctuary

Swellendam is known throughout the world as being the home of a place of safety for faeries…..The Faerie Sanctuary in Buitekant Street is a magical mystical garden, which is a place of wonder for young children and those who try to retain their sense of wonderment at whever age they have reached.

Walk the Labyrinth

The Peace and Awareness Centre on Route 62 Barrydale offers you the opportunity to refresh your body and mind. An ancient mediaeval pattern, based on the design on the floor of the Chartres Cathedral, offers a safe and stable space to those on a journey to inner pace and clarity. You can also sit in silent meditation at South Africa’s only Peace Pagoda, to receive the gifts of inner healing, transformation, heightened awareness and wisdom.

Leave this special place feeling uplifted and joyous.

peace pagoda in Barrydale burmese monk

Find inner peace